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All The Ways We Love To Help

At Speech Therapy Services we provide assessment, therapy and support for children of all ages who suffer from communication difficulties. This covers speech, language, literacy, stuttering and/or central auditory processing problems.

We can help if your child is having difficulty with any of the following (beyond what is expected for their age):

  • Swallowing and eating
  • Playing appropriately
  • Dribbling
  • Constructing sentences
  • Following directions
  • Answering questions
  • Understanding stories
  • Retelling a story or an event
  • Stuttering
  • Articulating sounds
  • Using correct grammar
  • Interacting with other children
  • Using first words
  • Planning and organising themselves
  • Reading
  • Understanding what they have read
  • Spelling
  • Writing stories
  • Language of maths
  • Voice

We also see many children with autism spectrum disorder. We can help your child before they are diagnosed, through the assessment process as well continuing to see them once they are funded through HCWA or NDIS.

Home visits

We understand that families are busy. It can be hard to get everyone in the car, especially if you have a baby. Your child may be shy and better in their home environment. If this is you, home visits would be a great option to in clinic therapy. Our therapists come to your home at the same time and day each week. We bring everything that is needed for the session but we also like to use the games and toys you have. We can show you how to use what you already have to build your child’s language, to teach them new skills and to help their development. Therapy is done through play with various games and activities targeting a specific goal we are working on. If they are finding it hard, we can make the tasks easier. Before we leave, we will give you activities and more ideas on how you can best support your child, and consolidate their new found skills until we see you the next week.   Contact us to find out more about how home visits can help you and your child.

School Support

Often it can be hard to know how to support your child once they have started school. We like to build a bridge between what is happening at school, in therapy and at home. School visits are a great way that we can support both you and the teacher to get the best outcomes and success for your child. These sessions can happen as a one off, each term or more frequently. Contact us to find out more.  


Telehealth is a great solution for those families that live further away or are having trouble accessing Speech Therapy. With the advancement in technology, it is now easier than ever to get therapy at home via your smartphone, ipad or laptop. With our secure platform to provide assessment and therapy as well as features such as a waiting room, white-board, document and screen sharing all make it feel like we are all in the same room. All you need is a good internet connection. To find out more, give us a call or send us a message.


We use the assessment time to determine if there is a difficulty or delay in your child’s communication and to identify any areas of weakness. It’s also a time where we start to plan a roadmap for each child’s therapy. The assessment session is usually made up of a mix of informal observation, play, as well as a specific test. Children are rewarded for effort with praise, a game, or a treat. After the assessment we will discuss with you the need for ongoing therapy sessions and what the goals will be. At this time we will also work out the level of frequency – either weekly or fortnightly – and organise a time and date.


Therapy sessions usually run for 30 – 45 minutes. During this time parents can choose to join in on the session or to wait in the waiting room. Sessions are booked at the same day and time throughout the school term. This provides great continuity and helps children who are especially routine orientated. The therapy itself is done through play. We play various games, each one targeting a specific goal we are working on. If the child finds it hard, we can make the tasks easier. After the therapy we debrief with you on how your child went and how you can best support them, and consolidate their new found skills at home.


We also support adults with accent reduction, their voice, speech and literacy therapies.