Are you worried about your child not saying enough?

Children generally start talking at 12 months of age. By 18 months they have 25 words. These words will be some label words (mum, dad) and actions words (go). If their vocabulary development continues on track, by their second birthday they will have about 50 or more words and will start to say two word sentences (e.g. mummy go).

Some children though don’t quite meet these milestones.

They might start learning words but all of a sudden stop. They may only learn labeling words (nouns) but no action words. They might have lots of words but not be putting sentences together. 

A child’s development might take a detour for a variety of reasons. Often though, parents know something is wrong. They feel worried. They talk to family and friends who may, with the best of intentions, tell them there is nothing to worry about. Parents may even go to their GP with their concerns but get told ‘all children develop differently’ or ‘just give them time’.


This though doesn’t stop the worry.  Peace of mind comes from getting answers.

This is where as speech pathologist we can help you. We live and breath language development. We are passionate. We care and we can guide you to the next best step.

Sometimes it is waiting. In other cases, therapy is necessary for continuing development. 

Knowing the right step will give you the power and knowledge to help your child to have the best start in life.