Have you ever wondered about how you can access Speech Therapy?

Have you ever wondered about how you can access Speech Therapy?

Do you need a referral?

Is it covered by private health or Medicare?

Continue reading to find out….


At Speech Therapy Services, we don’t require a referral. You can call or email us to make an appointment. If you have visited your GP they may have written a referral for you – if so, bring it in with you. Alternatively if your child is at school, their teacher may have written a referral letter. This usually contains valuable information as to what they are concerned about. Again bringing this to the appointment would be immensely helpful.

Private Health Funds

If your child is covered for ancillaries through your private health fund, you may be covered for speech therapy. The easiest way to find out is to give them a call. They will ask you for codes – these are;

  • 320 for the assessment
  • 340 for the therapy sessions

With these codes, your private health fund should be able to let you know how much will be covered and what the gap will be. After your appointment, you can claim your refund directly through our HICAPS machine. The gap can be paid by EFTPOS or cash.


We often get asked whether sessions are covered by Medicare. Upto 5 sessions can be covered via the Chronic Disease Management Plan. This is a plan that is generated by your GP and registered with Medicare. Not all speech and language delays are covered but it is always best to speak to your GP to ask. You may want to make an appointment with your GP either before your initial assessment or after this session when you know if ongoing sessions are needed. When you contact your GP clinic, let them know that you are making the appointment to speak to the GP about the Chronic Disease Management Plan. You will need to take your child to this appointment. If your child is eligible, your GP or the clinic nurse will generate the plan. They will either give it directly to you to bring to your next appointment with us or they will fax it directly to us. After each session with us, we will email the paid invoice to you for claiming via the MyGov App. The current rebate is $52.95 per session.

Using both your Private Health Insurance and Medicare Plan for the same session

We get asked about this often from parents. Unfortunately you are only able to use one or the other per session. You may choose to use your Medicare Plan first and then Private Health or vice versa but not both at once.

Hopefully we have helped to answer some of your questions around referrals and payments.

If you have any questions about how a speech pathologist can help your child, want more information on what happens in the initial assessment or how to claim servicescontact us today. We are here to help.