What are the best apps for developing language?

What are the best apps for developing language?

Tablets can be a convenient and motivating tool to use with children with language development difficulties.

Let’s be realistic, who always has the time to consistently sit down and work through goals with their children each school night, whilst managing the hum-drum of daily life?

These top 5 language apps can support you to get around this very challenge; and it doesn’t hurt that the kids love them

Pronouns with Splingo by The Speech and Language Store LLP $4.49

This app has inbuilt support to help children practice responding to commands containing pronouns such as ‘them’, ‘her’, ‘him’ and ‘us’.

The app delivers instructions in short sessions, making it easier for kids to keep focused whilst practicing.

Bag Game by All My Child $2.99

I use this game not only to work on descriptive language, category and function knowledge, but also as a fun reward for kids at the end of my sessions – it is a huge hit!

You have the option of hiding an image from the image bank, a photo or even an image you have drawn.

Keyword Understanding by APTUS Speech and Language Therapt LTD $22.99

This app is great for high order language skills such as following complex instructions, understanding sequential directions and picking up on key information in sentences – all important skills for classroom success!

You can select if you want to work with just verbal instructions, written instructions or with both at the same time.

Injini by NCSOFT $46.99

This award winning app is great for early language development as well as allowing for practice of fine motor skills.

It has many printable options so you can continue the fun off screen too!

WH Question Cards Pro by SuperDuper Publications $19.99 (free version also available)

What I love about this app is it allows you to work on either answering ‘wh’ questions or asking them of others.

Understanding these questions and knowing how to respond to them will help your child talk to you about their days and engage with others.

The app itself has inbuilt games and lots of colourful graphics to support learning!

Have a chat to your Speech Pathologist to discover which app would be most appropriate to support your child achieve their language development results.

Remember these apps do not replace the necessity of having speech therapy, they just help to take the pressure off you at home!