For How Long Will My Child Need Speech Therapy?

Our topic today is one of our most frequently asked questions: how long a child will be in therapy for.


Although this is such a common question, and completely understandable in terms of organising schedules and finances, there unfortunately is no simple answer.


Time spent in therapy will generally follow the same trajectory: an initial assessment to determine if therapy is needed, how intensive the therapy needs to be, and what needs to be corrected, followed by regular sessions until the child has achieved their goals and are presenting as within normal limits for their age.


The length of time a child needs to attend Speech Therapy differs depending on many factors. Some of these factors can include:

With that being said we find that our average client will be seen for at least one term’s worth of weekly therapy, that being 10-12 sessions. As with all averages, some children need fewer and some need more time than this.

If you would like to learn more about the therapy process or are wondering if your child needs some support, get in contact with one of our helpful clinicians today.