Fussy Eating

When are picky eaters really being fussy?

What are some strategies to help with mealtimes?


Picky eating can be a normal stage of development for children. It often comes at a time when a child is developing a sense of autonomy. When this stage isn’t outgrown however, it may be an indication of some underlying difficulties.

If your child is displaying some of the following signs it is worthwhile contacting a Speech Pathologist to assess your child’s feeding skills:

It is important to assess a child’s feeding skills if there are any signs of concern, as it may be indication of an underlying problem/s that needs addressing.

Some causes of fussy eating may be:

A Speech Pathologist is qualified to help a child and their family break through these barriers on the journey to courageous eating. Some strategies that can easily be implemented at home are:

Remember this is not something your family have to tackle alone. A Speech Pathologist can tailor a plan specific to your child’s needs and pick up if there are any other concerns that may need to be addressed in order to support a healthy, happier child!