Ishwari Samarakoon
Proprietor / Speech Pathologist

Ishwari Samarakoon

Ish is the visionary owner and Principal Speech Pathologist at Speech Therapy Services. With an extensive career spanning the public health and education sectors, she made a profound impact as the founding Speech Pathologist at the Peel Language Development Centre, establishing their school-based programs.

Ish’s expertise lies in communication therapies, focusing on autism, ADHD, behavior, and food therapy. She believes in empowering parents to understand their child’s needs, creating a harmonious household and nurturing emotional regulation for the entire family. Ish strives to help not only the child but the entire household thrive, resulting in happier, more fulfilling lives.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Ish finds joy in travel, food, and culture, while continuously seeking knowledge. With her unwavering commitment to transforming lives, she leaves a profound impact on the families she supports, making a lasting impression that extends well beyond her therapy sessions.