Visual Schedules

Visual schedules are amazing resources to use with any child. They are helpful for all children, and not just those with a diagnosis.

Visual schedules are so beneficial as they;

  • Bring structure and predictability to the child’s day.
  • Provide visual reminders to the child so they know what is coming in their day/week/month.
  • Increase their motivation to complete tasks.
  • Aid with smooth transitions between tasks.
  • Improve self-confidence and responsibility.
  • Help establish routines and expectations.
  • Increase independence.
  • Break up the day into manageable parts.

At Speech Therapy Services we know how time consuming making these kinds of resources can be when you’re a busy parent. Now you don’t have to!

We can make these visual schedules for you and your family, so that you are able to start using them immediately.

Each visual schedule is customised to each client and their families needs. We work along side the family to ensure the images and layout are specific to the family’s routine.

After we have received payment and have the list of images ready to go, we print, laminate and velcro all the pieces. The visual schedule pack comes in an A4 ring binder and is either posted or dropped off to your desired location.

Please see example pictures below of previous daily and weekly schedules we have made.

For more information, or to order your visual schedule, click below.