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If your child is hard to understand, falling behind at school or finding it hard to make friends, it can sometimes come down to their speech.

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At Speech Therapy Services We Can Help You Communicate With Confidence

If your child is experiencing speech delays or difficulties we know that it can be a worrying time for any parent. We want all children to thrive, reach their potential and be empowered to communicate with confidence. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping children develop the communication skills they need to interact, explain, understand and engage with the world around them. At Speech Therapy Services we also welcome bilingual families and understand their unique difficulties and barriers with spoken and written English.

Our extensive range of speech therapy services further includes older children and adults, who we’ve been helping with literacy, accent reduction, regaining their speech post stroke, or from other degenerative diseases, for over 16 years.

Regardless of your communication difficulties, we’ll journey with you to reach your therapeutic goals in a kind, supportive, fun and professional environment.

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