About Us


Ishwari (Ish) Samarakoon

(She/Her) Speech Pathologist

Ish is the visionary owner and Principal Speech Pathologist at Speech Therapy Services. With an extensive career spanning the public health and education sectors, she made a profound impact as the founding Speech Pathologist at the Peel Language Development Centre, establishing their school-based programs.

Ish’s expertise lies in communication therapies, focusing on autism, ADHD, behavior, and food therapy. She believes in empowering parents to understand their child’s needs, creating a harmonious household and nurturing emotional regulation for the entire family. Ish strives to help not only the child but the entire household thrive, resulting in happier, more fulfilling lives.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Ish finds joy in travel, food, and culture, while continuously seeking knowledge. With her unwavering commitment to transforming lives, she leaves a profound impact on the families she supports, making a lasting impression that extends well beyond her therapy sessions.


Paul McMahon

(He/Him) Therapy Assistant

Paul McMahon is a dedicated educator with a wealth of diverse experiences and a passion for making a difference in students’ lives.

After graduating as a teacher in 1993 from Edith Cowan University, Paul embarked on his career by taking on his first job in a remote school. This early experience taught him the importance of adaptability and resourcefulness, working as a relief teacher, where he gained invaluable insights into different teaching environments and developed a versatile teaching style. Paul’s experiences as a travel guide in Eastern Europe provided him with a global perspective and exceptional interpersonal skills.

In his role as a Therapy Assistant, Paul supports autistic and neurodivergent children in primary and high school. His expertise includes emotional regulation, executive functioning skills, daily life skills, comprehension, and communication. With a patient and empathetic approach, Paul tailors his support to meet each child’s unique needs. One of his greatest strengths lies in his ability to establish lasting connections with his students, fostering trust and creating a supportive learning environment.

Outside the classroom, Paul indulges in his passion for travel and food. His diverse experiences and unwavering dedication to student growth make him a remarkable educator, bringing a unique perspective to education and creating a supportive learning environment for his students.