Do I need a referral?




Referrals are not necessary but if you do have a referral please let us know.


Are any rebates available?






Rebates maybe available through your private health fund. You will need to give them a call to find out exactly how much you are covered for.

The codes you will need to provide them are:
– 320 for the assessment
– 350 for longer therapy sessions


You or your child may also be eligible for partial rebates for sessions through Medicare, but you would need to speak to your GP about this.


If you have NDIS funding, we can see your child if they are:
– plan managed or
– self managed
We are NOT able to see children who are NDIA/agency managed.






How much will it cost?






This depends on the type of assessment that is needed and the age of the client. Send us an email and we’ll provide you with more information on what to expect and how much it will cost.



What happens next?





Send us an email with your concerns and if we have an appointment available, we may be able to fit you in. If not, we will email you through a list of other clinics in the area that may have availability.





How long will it take to fix?




This is a question we get asked often. How long it takes depends on so many factors such as the diagnosis, what the therapy targets are, learning style, how much practise is needed to attain the skills and how delayed the skills are at assessment. Ish will keep you informed of each of the therapy targets and how much progress will be needed for the skills to be achieved.


We have found that the more that can be done at home between sessions to implement the therapy goals, the quicker progress is. Once age-appropriate levels are obtained or the goals are met, further sessions won’t be needed. To ensure that skills aren’t lost, children are monitored with a review session in 3- 6 months.


If you have any questions or would like to find out if we can help you or your child, please send us an email.



Why don't you have a phone number?




We ask that you email us as we are busy working with children and families during the day. By emailing us, we can respond once we are finished with our sessions, which is usually after hours.


Once you are working with us, you will have our direct numbers and ongoing contact with us via text and email.