How can I help my voice sound more like me?

In this day and age, we tend to be busy, forget to drink water regularly and often find ourselves talking in noisy environments.

But how is this impacting on our voice health?

How would you feel if it became effortful to speak to your friends and family?

As Speech Pathologists, we work with children and adults who experience difficulties with their voice.

These difficulties could be to do with a harsh, raspy or breathy quality of voice, physical discomfort when speaking, difficulty projecting the voice or even adjusting voice pitch to a more appropriate level for transgender clients.

Whilst it is important to see a Speech Pathologist if you experience any of these difficulties, here is a list of safe simple steps to try to, promote a healthy, happy voice:

1. Reduce yelling and screaming
2. Reduce speaking against a background of loud noise
3. Reduce coughing and excessive throat clearing
4. Cut out smoking
5. Reduce your coffee intake
6. Avoid excessive talking, singing or laughing
7. Avoid effortful grunts whilst training at the gym
8. Drinks lots of water

If you do have any voice problems, a Speech Pathologist can conduct an assessment of your individual voice difficulties and provide you with specific exercises and vocal hygiene recommendations to get your voice back to feeling like… YOUR best voice!