A Day in the Life of a Speechie

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your Speech Pathologist’s clinic?


Clients and parents tend to get a very brief snapshot of what our job entails, which is of course the actual therapy session itself.


So what on earth are we doing with all that time during the day that we aren’t seeing clients?


I’m here to tell you – we do a lot! There is a lot of preparation and maintenance that goes into our daily practice, both directly and indirectly relating to our clients.


The slider on the left side of your screen is a rough guide of what my daily schedule might be on any given day. Please note that in the interest of confidentiality, all client examples are entirely made-up – however they are all very typical of the types of goals set for children on my caseload.

As you can see, our days are jam-packed! There is so much more to providing high quality, family-friendly therapy than just what happens in the clinic room with the child. At Speech Therapy Services, we are dedicated to doing the most we can to help your child – if you have any questions about what you’ve read today, please get in touch!